Research activities at the Institute of Business Research


Research is the main objective of our institute. We conduct both academic research for international publications and applied research.

IBR is housing several research grants at the Government, National, Ministry, and Provincial levels. We also partner with many universities and top foreign professors to conduct inter-government research projects or jointly apply for international research grants.

IBR maintains a strong publication record with several papers/articles published in leading international economics, business, and finance journals.

Some of our key research strengths:

• We have established a strong relationship with our international and local partners to promote our research, academics and consultancy services.

• We have developed a strong research network, including several institutional partners and leading academics.

• We have established ourselves as an important partner for international or inter-government research projects.


Our staff have edited several special issues for reputable journals. We edit the Book Series Vietnam and the Global Economy, published by the World Scientific Singapore, covering various economic and business studies topics.