Introduction of the Institute of Business Research


Institute of Business Research (IBR)

Established in 2017, IBR is an autonomous unit under UEH. IBR is a pioneer in implementing academic research, applications, international publications, training and research with international cooperation, and organizing international conferences. In 2020, the Business Research Institute was approved by UEH to upgrade to a Research Institute for the period 2020 - 2025.

“By 2030, IBR strives to become one of the region's leading academic institutions in economics and business.”



By 2030, IBR aims to become one of the top research institutions with academic prestige in Asia and become Vietnam's leading organization providing training for students and consultancy for organizations and businesses.


IBR supports Vietnamese scholars with international publications and exchange forums and ideas and research exchange. IBR contributes to economic and business development through training, consultancy, and transformation.



IBR is operating under the UEH Research Institute project for the period 2020 - 2025, so research is the main objective that IBR focuses on and is given top priority. IBR conducts both academic and applied research.

Academic research

IBR has a network of domestic and international scientists to conduct research projects in economics and business to have publication opportunities in prestigious international journals (ISI/Scopus).

IBR has obtained various research grants from the Government, National, Ministry, and Provincial levels. 

IBR is a reputable institute in Vietnam and a reliable partner in implementing international collaborative research projects.

Applied research

IBR conducts research projects to evaluate the current situation, develop and advise on solutions in economics and business areas.

IBR conducts national-level applied research projects to solve urgent practical problems.

IBR conducts research on key topics in the socio-economic area for Provinces/Cities.


International Conference on Business and Finance – ICBF

IBR is the host organization of the annual "International Conference on Business and Finance - ICBF", at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City.

ICBF creates a forum and opportunities for domestic and international scientists to participate in discussions and share their research in several areas of economics, finance, business, accounting, economic-business law, tourism, marketing, etc.

ICBF has the participation and sharing of many keynote speakers who are professors from the world's leading universities in England, Australia, France, Japan, and Korea.

ICBF has more than 200 research papers each year to participate in and be published in Conference Proceeding.

Research papers participating in the conference will have the opportunity to be selected for publication in journals on the ISI/SCOPUS list supporting the conference.

IBR also successfully organized many other international conferences such as:

The 2nd INFINITI Asia Pacific Conference on International Finance (2016), 

Annual Asian Law and Economics Association Conference (2017), 

UEH-NTU Conference (2019), 

2nd Rajagiri Conference on Economics and Finance (2020).

Asian Finance Association Annual Meeting (2023), 


Economics and Business Seminars (IBRS)

IBR regularly organizes conferences, workshops, and seminars in economics and business areas to create a knowledge exchange forum for scholars, fellows, graduate students, and undergraduate students on current, outstanding and highly applicable concerns, thus attracting scholars to participate in.

The Institute for Business Research (IBR) is currently presiding over the compilation of:

- Special Issues of international journals under the ISI/Scopus list,...

- Book Series: Vietnam and the Global Economy, World Scientific, Singapore.

- Series of research monographs on Economics and Business.


IBR partners with several foreign universities in providing academic degree programs (Bachelor, Master, and PhD). The most prominent programs today are:

- Bachelor program (1+2, 2+2, 3+1): The University of Lincoln’s Bachelor program is an international standard program, saving 50% of study abroad costs. The degree is awarded by Lincoln University - Top 20 UK Universities. The program currently includes majors in: Accountancy and Finance, Business and Finance, Business Economics, Banking and Finance, Economics, and Economics and Finance.

- Master program: NTU's International MBA (IMBA) program facilitates experts in Vietnam who will take on global business leadership roles in a technology-driven economy.

- PhD program: With scholarships up to 50%, PhD students are supervised by leading professors and PhDs in the industry. The degree is recognized globally and recognized by the Ministry of Education. The specializations of the program are in Accounting, Economics, Finance, HR Management, Logistics Management, Management, Culture and Heritage Management, Marketing, and Tourism.

- Our partners: University of Lincoln (United Kingdom), University of Leicester (United Kingdom), Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Bachelor Degree program at University of Lincoln: link

IMBA - NTU Master Degree program: link

PhD Degree program at University of Lincoln: link

PhD Degree program at University of Leicester: link


Senior Management Training

The Senior Management training aims to support leaders and managers in operating businesses, systematizing essential management skills and management methods to improve managers' leadership capacity and thinking breakthroughs, system integration, and promoting business efficiency for enterprises.

Middle-level Management Training

The Middle-level Management Training aims to explore the potential and develop the management capacity of managers, support managers to build and lead successful teams and act as a bridge between employees and senior leaders. The course content focuses on planning skills, communication-motivation skills, project progress management, conflict resolution,...

Mini MBA Training

IBR has Mini MBA Training that can be customized to business needs. The training program includes a Mini MBA, training courses on human resource management and finance skills, etc. Course content helps students have an overview of the specialized knowledge and administration skills that can be applied immediately to the current situation of a business to improve business efficiency and competitiveness of the business.


IBR implements consulting activities for organizations and businesses including:

Policy Consultancy

Advise, comment, and make general reports for Departmental agencies, businesses, etc. to build and develop schemes and projects that contribute to socio-economic development.

Business Management Consultancy

Assess the current state of businesses, consult on innovating strategic models, human resource management systems, and consult on developing and completing the operating systems to help businesses overcome outstanding problems and improve business efficiency.


IBR has a worldwide network of research and academic partners such as:

International Organizations and Associations: Asian Finance Association (AsianFA),Asian Law and Economics Association (AsLEA),…

Reputable Universities: UEH, University of Lincoln, University of Leicester,  Chengchi University, Nanyang Technological University…

International journals:  International Review of Financial Analysis, Journal of Economic Development, International Journal of Economics and Management,…

World-class professors and researchers.

Research collaborators.





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