Doctor of social science program (business) - University of Leicester, UK

8/25/2021 12:00:00 AM

1. Educational Objectives

The DSocSci of the University of Leicester (UoL) is designed to train leading-edge practitioners who will master the full range of theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for the conduct of their professional activities in their field at the highest level.

2. Program duration, Educational form, Teaching and learning language

2.1. Program Duration

The DSocSci program can be completed in a minimum of 48 months to a maximum of 72 months.

2.2. Form of Education: distance learning in which there is a co-delivery between UoL and UEH

University of Leicester (UoL)

Conduct the submitted research proposals evaluation and selection interviews;

Make the final decision on the admission list;

Teach all the modules of the DSocSci program;

Assign UoL lecturers for all doctoral dissertations supervisions;

Organize the evaluation juries for dissertations’ evaluation;

Issue the Doctor of Social Sciences degree.

University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH)

Facilitate the student recruitment, receive applications

Support matters relating to research proposals writing

Participate in selection interviews

Arrange teaching tutors for all modules

Co-supervise dissertations

Suggest potential members for the dissertation evaluation juries

Award the scholarship (or tuition fees reduction)

2.3 Teaching and learning language

The program is delivered in English by lecturers of UoL and UEH. Dissertations are evaluated by UoL juries.

3. Program Structure

The program includes eight taught modules of 450 credits.

Modules one to four cover key aspects of research skills and methodological training. For modules five to seven, candidates select three specialist options to demonstrate their knowledge in a specific field. Module eight is a detailed thesis proposal.

More details can be found at or

4. Number of admitting students

Number of admitting students for 2021’s first recruitment is 20 at max.

5. Entry requirements

An evidence of a relevant Master's degree and a detailed outline of your initial research proposal (2000 – 3000 words, in UoL’s format) are required. The validity and quality of the proposal will be of crucial significance in determining eligibility for entry.

Standard English entry requirements are also applied as follows:

IELTS 6.5 with no band under 5.5 or equivalent and internationally recognized English scores.

6. Recruitment process

The process includes qualified application shortlisting and selection interviews.

7. Application

The initial application, which must be sent to, includes a research proposal written under UoL’s format and a curriculum vitae written in English.

When a candidate is selected to the interview round, he/she must submit all the required documents for further steps with the selection juries of UoL and UEL.

8. Tuition fee and selection application fee

The selection application fee is 1,770,000 Vietnam dong.

The tuition fee applied in 2021 of the DSocSci Program of UoL is £24,930, which is payable in up to 12 installments. Only candidates applying to the program via UEH will at an advantage of scholarship (or tuition fee reduction) which is one of the benefits from the cooperation agreement between UoL and UEH.