Why should you choose the UEH-IBR exchange program for your students?


1. Strong academic reputation
University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City is a dynamic institution with a rich legacy of academic excellence. We provide diverse levels and modes of education from bachelor’s to PhDs for thousands of local and foreign students every year. According to QS Asian University Ranking 2024, UEH is proudly ranked on the top of 301+ Best Universities in Asia 2023, increasing by 100 places compared to the previous year and continuously promoting in the last 3 years. This represents the recognition of the global academic community towards our quality training and research in the field of economics and administration. Notably, since October 2023, UEH has officially become one of 7 higher education institutions in Vietnam that operate in accordance with the model of a “multi-disciplinary and multi-major university” in alignment with the system of advanced universities all over the world.
2. Highly qualified and dedicated lecturers
UEH has a team of nearly 800 lecturers, including 25 professors, 53 associate professors, 7 people’s teachers, 35 excellent teachers, 255 Ph.D., 371 masters, and 179 international experts. Our lecturers are trained from many sources with a strong scientific reputation and professional qualifications. They are dedicated to providing students with excellent classes combining both theoretical frameworks and practical cases, helping them have a comprehensive understanding of the economy. They are also actively involved in research activities, manifesting through a wide range of global publications of numerous articles in prestigious academic journals.
3. Rigorous curriculums
UEH offers a variety of English-taught disciplines, including Economics, Marketing, Business, Accounting, Finance, Law, and Tourism. In order to integrate into the global academic standards, UEH currently has 03 programs accredited and certified under AUN-QA (2016), 04 programs awarded under FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) (2017), and 04 programs accredited and certified under AUN-QA (September 2019). Notably, our curriculum consists of academic sessions and workshops from experts in their field, giving the students the opportunities to learn from the best of both worlds.
4. State-of-the-art facilities and flexible study schedules
UEH currently have 13 campuses designed for study and research purposes across Ho Chi Minh City, the most vibrant business hub in Vietnam. In which, there are two campuses located in the heart of the town which is easily accessible by public transportation. All UEH campuses are modern and convenient for learning activities, with smart libraries as and spacious classrooms equipped with boards and projectors. Besides, we also offer a flexible study schedule, including evening and weekend classes, to facilitate students to balance their academic and personal lives. This means your students will easily manage time to pursue their academic goals and participate in a wide range of our extracurricular activities alongside other UEH students, allowing them to entirely immerse themselves in the local nuances of Vietnamese culture.
Institute of Business Research - University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City
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