Institute of Business Research organized the seminar “Analysis Of Sustainable Development”


On March 18, 2024, the Institute of Business Research - University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City successfully organized a Seminar with the topic "Analysis Of Sustainable Development" to bring practical perspectives on the development of industrial revolutions that consequences in environmental pollution, income inequality, and solutions to move towards a Green Economic transition aimed at sustainable economic development.

From our partners, we were honored to receive the participation of Prof. Dr. Robin Chou - President of the Asian Finance Association - Professor of Finance at Chengchi National University, Taiwan and Dr. Yang Li - National Taiwan University.

From UEH, we welcomed more than 20 lecturers, graduate students, graduate students, and UEH students.


Having an opening speech at the seminar, Prof. Dr. Vo Xuan Vinh emphasized that this is a professional activity in a series that helps connect theoretical research and practice hosted by the Institute of Business Research. With the participation of leading professors in the industry, the Institute of Business Research will continue to promote practical activities with the desire to bring valuable, practical insights to research and international collaboration activities.

Prof. Dr. Vo Xuan Vinh - Dean of the Institute of Business Research

In the following part, Dr. Yang Li provided an in-depth look at the analysis and publication of information related to sustainable development. He focused on the commitment of the United Nations and businesses to apply ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards towards the 2030 goal. After that, Prof. Dr. Robin K Chou discussed and answered questions related to how sustainable finance contributes to the development of commercial banks in Vietnam to expand knowledge and awareness of sustainable finance in the context of emerging markets.

Other related topics including energy efficiency, green efficiency, ecological efficiency, etc. also received attention and discussion throughout the seminar.

Dr. Yang Li - National Taiwan University

Prof. Dr. Robin K Chou

The seminar attracted attention related to key issues such as excessive energy consumption, environmental pollution, and income inequality that have become serious in the 21st century. The serious problems to be solved in the context of society's digital transformation such as energy efficiency, green efficiency, and ecological efficiency were discussed in the spirit of openness and have brought valuable information. Professors hope to continue to cooperate with the Institute of Business Research - Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics in future research and international cooperation activities.

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