University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City successfully hosted the annual scientific conference: International Conference on Business and Finance 2023 (ICBF 2023)


Following the success of previous annual conferences, on the 28th and 29th of September 2023, UEH hosted the International Conference on Business and Finance 2023, attracting more than 300 research papers from scholars throughout the world, including the UK, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and UAE. In which, over 90 quality articles were selected to report at the conference. In particular, ICBF 2023 also assembled many keynote speakers who are professors and editors-in-chef from prestigious universities and leading journals worldwide, as well as more than 200 researchers from developed countries such as the US, the UK, Australia, Ireland, Japan, and Korea. Within the framework of the conference, there were 7 plenary sessions and 22 parallel sessions with diverse topics in the field of business and finance.

Professor Vo Xuan Vinh - Dean of the Institute of Business Research

From UEH, we welcomed the UEH Board of Management and leaders of UEH's schools, institutes, and departments, such as Dr. Dinh Cong Khai - UEH Vice President; Associate Professor Phan Thi Bich Nguyet - Chairwoman of the Strategy and Policy Advisory Council; Associate Professor Ho Viet Tien - Director of UEH the Graduate School - Co-Director of the French-Vietnamese Center for Management (CFVG) Ho Chi Minh City; Associate Professor Nguyen Phong Nguyen - Head of Department of Research Administration - International Relations; Associate Professor Tran Ha Minh Quan - Executive Dean of International School of Business (ISB); Professor Vo Xuan Vinh - Dean of Institute of Business Research (IBR).

At the opening of the conference, Dr. Dinh Cong Khai said: “ICBF 2023 is an annual highly academic conference, acting as a highlight in UEH's globalization strategy. The theme of this conference: Navigating Change, Innovation, Sustainability, and Globalization, reflects the challenges and opportunities in the global economy. UEH will constantly strive to improve the quality and expand the scale of this conference.”

Dr. Dinh Cong Khai - UEH Vice President

From our partners, we warmly greeted the co-organizers’ representatives of ICBF 2023 and previous annual conferences, including Professor Fabien De Geuser - Director of CFVG, and Professor Simon Liley - Director of Research, Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln, United Kingdom:

Professor Fabien De Geuser stated: “I am very honored and pleased to accompany UEH to organize ICBF 2023. This conference provides an opportunity for scholars, professionals, and students to contribute to the sustainable development of our field. By participating in interdisciplinary discussions and sharing research findings, we can together shape the future of business and finance. I hope that such an event will be an unforgettable experience for all of us, promoting solid partnership, and innovation.”

Professor Fabien De Geuser - Director of CFVG

Meanwhile, Professor Simon Liley commented: “We are very honored to partner with UEH to organize the International Conference on Business and Finance (ICBF) over the years. This year, it was great to observe many quality research papers on economic, financial, and business issues presented and discussed by a wide range of scholars from all over the world. I hope that the conference will bring valuable academic experience to all of us, and hope to directly accompany the conference in the following years.”

Moreover, ICBF 2023 was honored for having influential researchers as our speakers, such as Professor Brian Lucey (Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland); Professor Sung Y. Park (Chung-Ang University, South Korea); Professor Siong Hook Law (Universiti Putra, Malaysia); Professor Peter Morgan (Asian Development Bank Research Institute – ADBI); Professor Gary Campbell (University of Michigan, United States). Professors presented in-depth studies that brought many scientific values, creating a conventional space for meaningful academic findings.

Professor Brian Lucey - UEH Scientific Council Member

One of the most attentive parts of the conference was the discussion session between editors-in-chief and senior editors/co-editors from well-known journals in the world, including Professor Jonathan Batten (Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money (JIFMIM), Finance Research Letters & Emerging Markets Review); Professor Brian Lucey (International Review of Financial Analysis & International Review of Economics and Finance); Professor Gary Campbell (Resources Policy); Professor Sung Y. Park (Journal of Economic Development; Professor Siong Hook Law (International Journal of Economics and Management); and Professor Marcin Staniewski (Contemporary Economics).

Also at the opening ceremony, Professor Brian Lucey believed: “It is interesting to see an upward trend in the quality of scientific articles at the conference. As an editor-in-chief, I believe that the research papers can entirely meet the publication requirements of prestigious scientific journals and we are willing to choose several articles here for our journals.” Agreeing with that statement, Professor Marcin Staniewski, Vice-Rector for Science of the University of Economics and Human Sciences (UEHS) in Warsaw and editor-in-chief of the scientific journal - Contemporary Economics, was also impressed by the quality of the research papers of the conference and explained that: “Besides participating in the conference, this is also an opportunity for me to pay a visit to UEH, creating many opportunities to cooperate with UEH as a Vice-Rector of UEHS.".

GS. Marcin Staniewski - Vice-Rector of University of Economics and Human Sciences & Editor-in-Chief of Contemporary Economics

A discussion session between Editors-in-Chief/Editors from highly-ranked journals worldwide

During the conference, the speakers presented and discussed research topics receiving great attention from the scientific community, such as business administration, finance, banking, marketing, public governance, tourism, economics & law, and accounting… as well as shared hands-on experiences in experimental and quantitative research related to these topics.

ICBF 2023 took place successfully, bringing many practical scientific values ​​to the fields of business and finance. At the same time, such an event also contributed to developing an environment for academic exchange and in-depth research to improve the quality of published articles, thereby creating a pervasive influence on scientific research activities.

Please welcome participants to access the photos of ICBF 2023 here.

Source: Institute of Business Research