The Dean of the Institute of Business Research (IBR) represented UEH to attend the "Singapore Economic Review Conference 2022" and signed an academic cooperation agreement with Research Centers Networking Group (RCNG).


The SERC Conference is organized by the Economic Association of Singapore, taking place from 01 - 03 August, 2022 in Singapore. The Singapore Economic Review (SER) was founded in 1956 as one of the leading economic journals in Asia. The journal publishes many high-quality research papers on theory and practice with prominent economic issues within Asian countries.

The Network of Academic Institutions from Asia and Australia (RCNG) was initiated by Prof. Euston Quah, Director of the Economic Growth Centre (EGC), Nanyang University, Singapore. RCNG connects research institutions together into a large network, creating opportunities for PhD students and researchers from different places to connect with each other or connect with researchers and scientists to access new ideas and research methods. University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) is a member of RCNG since 2019.

During this "Singapore Economic Review Conference", Prof. Dr. Vo Xuan Vinh, Dean of the Institute of Business Research (IBR), represented UEH to re-sign the cooperation agreement between UEH and RCNG, expanding cooperation within the next two years. The strengthening of cooperation with international scientific networks and organizations strengthens the confidence in the training capacity and quality of research products that the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City offers.

Stemming from the common interests of the members, the agreement includes the following main contents:

  • Provide a coordination mechanism among members to facilitate and encourage research between lecturers and research groups of group members. Support students, lecturers with research ideas and appropriate research methods.
  • Organize regular conferences, rotating among members.
  • Encourage members to participate in projects, programs and research activities for joint publication.

RCNG members:

  • The Economic Growth Centre of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore;
  • The Graduate School of Economics of Kobe University, Japan; 
  • The Asian Development Bank Institute, Japan of Asian Development Bank; 
  • The Asia Growth Research Institute, Japan;
  • The  School of Economics of Hiroshima University, Japan;
  • The Arndt Corden Department of Economics of Australian National University, Australia;
  • The University of Economics. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam;
  • The Graduate School of International Studies of Korea University, Korea;
  • The Centre for New Structural Economics of Peking University, China;
  • The Centre for Research of Private Economy of Zhejiang University, China.

Some pictures of UEH Delegation's activities at the workshop and the agreement signing ceremony.