Conferences & Seminars/Workshops hosted by IBR


The Institute of Business Research regularly organizes international conferences, seminars/workshops that provide a platform for scholars to share and develop their research ideas. The annual International Conference on Business and Finance is our signature international conference. Besides, we regularly organize the Economic and Business Seninars on a wide range of topics. 

International Conference of Business and Finance (ICBF): We host the annual ICBF at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City campus. The conference serves as a platform for local and foreign scholars to discuss and share their research in several areas of Economics, Business and Finance. Each year, about 200 scholars are participating in the conference. The conference is also associated with several journals in taking papers for Special Issues for the conference papers.

IBR - Economic and Business Seminars (I- EBS): To foster an environment of collaboration and facilitate exchanging ideas between researchers, we regularly host workshops and seminars covering various topics on Economics, Business, and Finance. Several scholars from all over the world present their work in our I-EBS series.