UEH-IBR successfully hosted the International Conference on Business and Finance 2021


In the past two days, September 27 and 28, the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) successfully hosted the annual “International Conference on Business and Finance 2021” (ICBF 2021). This is the first time the conference is held entirely online on the Zoom platform and received enthusiastic support from the co-organizers such as CFVG, the University of Leicester, UK and the participation of University of Lincoln, UK.

ICBF 2021 attracted more than 200 domestic and international scientists, researchers, scholars, typically from developed countries such as the UK, the USA, Finland, Japan, Korea. In the start-up phase, the conference received more than 300 research papers, of which nearly 100 ones were accepted to present at the event. The Scientific Council selected and granted 6 articles for Best Paper Awards and many other Awards. 

The conference framework consisted of 24 parallel sessions with the participation of 100 speakers, 8 plenary sessions of 10 keynote speakers who are prestigious scientists and editors-in-chief of famous journals in the world.

On the UEH side, there was the participation of scientists in the role of executive board and also the session chairs such as: Prof. Nguyen Dong Phong - Chairman of the University Council; Prof. Su Dinh Thanh - President; Dr. Bui Quang Hung - Vice President; Assoc.Prof. Phan Thi Bich Nguyet - Advisory Council; Assoc. Prof. Ho Viet Tien - Dean of the Institute of Graduate Education - Co-Director of CFVG; Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Trong Hoai - Editor-in-Chief of JABES; Assoc. Prof. Tran Mai Dong - Head of Human Resource Management Department; Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Phong Nguyen - In charge of Research Administration and International Relations Department; Assoc. Prof. Tran Ha Minh Quan - Dean of the Institute of International Education ISB; Prof. Vo Xuan Vinh - Dean of the Institute of Business Research (IBR); Dr. Ngo Quang Huan - Head of the Faculty of Management; Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Khac Quoc Bao - Head of Training Department; Dr. Duong Kim The Nguyen - In charge  of the Faculty of Law, all UEH units’ management and professors.

The co-organizer of the conference - the University of Leicester, UK - had the participation of Professor James Delvin - Dean of the School of Business, Professor Dan Ladley - Deputy Dean of the School of Business, Associate Professor Katharine Venter - Director of the Doctor of Social Sciences program and many other professors, associate professors of the university.

UEH Management and University of Leicester, UK

Giving a speech at the Opening Ceremony of conference, Prof. Su Dinh Thanh, UEH President said: “The ICBF conference organized by UEH is an annual, highly academic conference and a highlight of UEH's internationalization strategy. We are truly proud of our success in providing scholars with an international academic forum. UEH will continue to make efforts to improve its quality and expand the conference’s scale” 

Prof. Su Dinh Thanh - UEH President gave a speech at the conference’s Opening Ceremony

“We find the ICBF conference to have many valuable research papers, not only by Vietnamese authors but also from other countries. We are very proud to partner with UEH to organize this conference” - Professor James Delvin, Dean of School of Business, University of Leicester, UK.

Prof. James Delvin gave a speech at the Opening ceremony of the conference

The event had the participation of keynote speakers who are the world’s leading researchers such as: Professor Dan Ladley (University of Leicester, UK), Professor Gary Campbell (Michigan Technological University, USA), Professor Sung Y. Park (Chung-Ang University, Korea), Professor Siong Hook Law (Universiti Putra Malaysia), Professor Peter Morgan (Asian Development Bank Institute - ADBI), Professor Aviral Tiwari (Rajagiri Business School, India), Associate Professor Muhammad Ali Nasir (University of Huddersfield, UK). There was also the participation of famous scientists such as: Professor Iftekhar Hasan (Fordham University, USA), Professor Jonathan Batten (RMIT University), Professor Brian Lucey (Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland), Professor Euston Quah(Nanyang Technological University, Singapore). The professors presented in-depth research that brought a lot of scientific value, creating a space for academic exchange for scholars.

Prof. Dan Ladley - University of Leicester UK presented at the conference



Report from Prof. Peter Morgan - Asian Development Bank Institute - ADBI

In particular, within the framework of the program, there was a research introduction and report session of professors from University of Lincoln, UK including: Professor Craig Mash - Vice Chancellor and Director of Lincoln International Business School, Professor Siobhan Goggin, Associate Professor Quach Manh Hao, Dr. Eric Ruto and many other professors of the university. This special session attracted the exchange and discussion of many lecturers attending the conference as well as UEH professors.

Highly appreciating the seminar program, Professor Siobhan Goggin, University of Lincoln, UK emphasized:“This is our first time participating in a conference in Asia. I really appreciate the discussion from the scholars attending the conference and UEH professors. The conference was organized professionally and brought a lot of distinct scientific value. We have discussed and hope to join ICBF as a co-organizer from 2022.” 

Professor Siobhan Goggin, University of Lincoln, UK share her opinion about the conference

Featured in ICBF 2021 is a meeting with editors-in-chief of famous journals in the world such as: Professor Gary Campbell (Resources Policy Journal (ISI-Q1), Professor Sung Y. Park (Journal of Economic Development, Scopus), Professor Siong Hook Law (International Journal of Economics and Management), Professor Jeong-Yoo Kim (Asian Journal of Law and Economics), Professor Muhammad Shahbaz (Resources Policy Journal), Professor Nguyen Trong Hoai (Journal of Asian Business and Economic Studies - JABES), Professor Aviral Tiwari (International Journal of Emerging Markets), Professor Hooy Chee Wooi (International Journal of Economics and Management). This was a chance for scholars to listen to experience sharing in order to promote international publication in journals which accompanied and sponsored the conference. It is also an opportunity for UEH to promote JABES internationally.

Meeting session with editors-in-chief of famous journals in the world

In addition, the conference had two side events introducing the cooperation program between UEH and the University of Lincoln, UK and UEH with the University of Leicester, UK. The events aimed to promote comprehensive cooperation in many aspects such as sharing research, exchanging professors and students.

The introduction ceremony of the partnership program between UEH and the University of Lincoln, UK and UEH with the University of Leicester, UK

The ICBF is a forum for scholars to present new research on contemporary issues in the fields of economics and business, on hot topics that are being discussed. Thereby, the conference wishes to contribute to improving the quality of domestic research, strengthening UEH position in the world.

News, photos: Institute of Business Research, Research Administration - International Relations Department, Marketing - Communications Department